Brain Picking vs. Nose Picking

We have all heard “hey can I pick your brain?” We have also observed the randomspiralclock commuter stopped at the light next to us picking their nose.

A dear friend of mine Elizabeth McCormick who is highly successful in her field lent me great advice earlier this year.

The advice was regarding boundaries and protecting my time. Not only does it set boundaries, protect my time, but also my past and current clients investments.

This statement has taken practice and courage;  due to the fact I am a value-adder, giver, nurturer, and over-all-making sure everyone else has what they need before my own needs. I am the one you want in the Emergency Exit Row. Do not mistake boundaries for no longer giving everything I have. This lends opportunity to give my time efficiently and fairly to my clients and family.

  • Brain Picker: “Hey, Tracy can I pick your brain?”
  • Tracy: “My clients usually pay me for that, would you mind sending me an email and I can help as my schedule allows?”

1) Those who are serious will send me an email. 2) Those who are looking for a quick fix never contact me.

CHALLENGE: Who are you letting Pick Your Brain?  Who are you letting pull you out of focus and balance? Reality, they are picking their nose while you are giving away valuable resources.

The more intentional and focused you are on your goals the better you are able to serve those who desire and deserve your time.

Look UP and OUT my Friends!

Brain Picking Resources:

Investing in Potential²

  • Ever wonder how your peers become more successful than you?
  • Do you excel where others do not?


Both of the above questions can be answered with one word; INVESTMENT.

Investing in myself ; world-leaders such as Nick willingly pour wisdom, heart, and light into my life to achieving goals set for myself, clients, and also joining the top 20 percent leaders in my field.

     My friend and mentor John C. Maxwell challenges us with, “bet on yourself, because if you don’t no one else will.” I personally heard this statement a few years ago and from then on I vowed to not only “bet” on myself but to “investment” as well.

Every year I not only spend time daily to learn, grow, and stretch to become the best I can be in my field; in turn adds to my Potential² bucket. I also spend monetary and time resources surrounding myself with mentors, leaders of industry, and peers who are on the same path of not only investing in their growth but adding to their potential².

The more we “bet” and “invest” in self we in turn give back to our clients, community, and world community as a whole.

“…no one is better than you, and no one is smarter than you. If someone is doing better than you are today, it is simply proof that he has begun doing the things other successful people have done. . . knowledge and skill are the keys . . . you must never let up. You must be continually learning and growing – every day, week, and month – throughout your career. . . to earn more, you must learn more.” ~ B.Tracy

Look UP and OUT my Friends!

B. Tracy. (2010). No Excuses. MJF Books Fine Communications.

Opportunities of Hope

Opportunities are more important than ones we wish for. The heart of opportunities is they give us hope, and as a self-certified Hope Dealer life is joyful when there is a spark of hope in your life.


Queen Esther’s story is truly taking opportunity and turning it into hope. She was whisked away to be part of the Kings bride-tribe. From here God unfolded his plan into Ester’s life; to save His people. Esther became queen and opportunity of courageous hope to save Gods people was born.

With combined courage and planning Queen Esther won the day by listening to God’s plan and not compromising her integrity in the midst of it all. Here are a few take-a-way’s:

  • Combine courage and planning.
  • Concern yourself over others than yourself.
  • Serving God often puts your safety at risk.
  • God has a purpose for the situations he places you in.
  • Courage is vital, but does not replace careful planning.

Respect what is good and stand humbly against what is wrong. God is in control of your world, no matter how small, large or influence; God is your protector.

“The opportunities we have are more important than the ones we wish we for.”

Look UP and OUT my Friends!

Resources: The Book of Esther | Photo Credit for Crown: Princess Sassy Pants & Co.

My Friend, You Have Potential²

What is Potential²?

Daily I am aware of the life giving force of striving toward my potential and from this came about a book Potential².

Definition: Infinite Potential (Potential²) is growing, learning, and adding value to self and others until we are no longer able to take another breath on this earth.

One way to Potential² is a path of knowledge. Knowledge is only powerful when it is applied to be more than you are today. Did you know?

  • One-third of high school graduates will never read another book after graduation.
  • 42% of college graduates will never read another book after graduation.
  • 32% of the U.S. population has never been in a bookstore.

Most people are willing to settle for average in life, and I hope you are not willing to settle for average!


Potential² is growing, learning, and adding value to self and others until you no longer are able to take another breath on this earth. Potential² is living out the gifts and talents we are given and refining them to live the fullest life possible. Fullest life? Your potential carries a life and energy force of its own. When living within your gifts, your potential for joy and success comes naturally and without struggle. This equals your fullest life.

You know who you are and what you have to offer the world but one of the hardest things to do is to help others see that too. Dorie Clark has a wonderful article in Harvard Business Review with a few beginning steps of how to communicate your potential!

How to Get Others to See Your Potential

by Dorie Clark  (For full article click here)

“Overcoming people’s past perceptions of you isn’t easy. . . Of course, you can’t just prop someone’s eyelids open, A Clockwork Orange-style, and force them to read your white papers or watch your webinars. So how do you get other people to realize, and remember, what you’re doing now — and grasp what you’re truly capable of?”

  • Create content
  • Leverage social proof.
  • Find a wingman.

Look UP and OUT my Friends!

Dori Clark (2013). How to Get Others to See Your Potential. Harvard Business Review.

Tracy Worley (2013). Potential² Manifesto. Kindle Edition.

Photo Credit: Spring Bird, Buds, & Barn
Ovando, Montana
© Mark Mesenko

Taking a NO Inventory

When was the last time you said no to someone asking you to volunteer, participate, or come to a meeting that has nothing to do with your direct responsibilities?

We all do it, and I would love to share with you it is OK to say NO!  Saying no gives you the freedom to be and become the person you are meant to be. It gives you veto power to:

“Do not ask for permission ~ state your purpose and move forward.” T Worley


The more successful you are the more others “want” or “take” from you. This usually means sitting on boards, committee’s, and endless volunteer hours.  Karin Hurt outlines volunteering and these are wonderful questions to ask yourself as you move into volunteering giving you the power to not ask permission to say no if  the opportunity does not fit into your purpose; and in turn gives others the power to say no if it does not fit within their purpose.


Karin Hurt’s blog Let’s Grow Leader’s post regarding volunteers hits home on the power to state our purpose and move forward. Note, the below is a directly quoted from Karin’s blog. Karin has wonderful explanation behind all seven so I encourage you to visit her blog for “the rest of the story.”

When people lead, they connect more deeply to your mission and to one another.   Connection feels good.  They stay.  Make volunteer leadership easier and more accessible.

1.  Create bite size roles

2.  Inventory talents and skills

3.  Limit terms

4. Include young people and give them power

5. Empower possibility

6. Communicate opportunities

7. Allow failure


Another resource of NO is my dear friend Debi Markland’s, How to Perfect the Art of Saying No.

Challenge: Take a NO inventory:

  •  When was the last time you gave yourself permission to say NO?
  • When was the last time you cut-away activities no-longer in alignment with your purpose?

Look UP and OUT my Friends!

Hurt, Karin. (2014). How to Recruit Volunteers in Your Organization

Markland, Debi (2014). How to Perfect Art of Saying No. Amazon

Worley, Tracy (2013). Potential² Manifesto. Amazon